Young and loving cats.


Felines 7 months and Younger

Felines less than one year old are $70.00 to adopt. All have been tested for FeLV/FIV, spay or neutered, de-wormed and vaccinated.

Adoption Policies

 The nature of our unique shelter causes us to develop special policies. We also require a $20.00 donation prior to meeting our cats, whether to consider adopting or simply visiting. Should you choose to adopt, your $20.00 will be deducted from the adoption fee.Should you choose to not adopt, we thank you for your donation which will be used to support our programs. Please understand we strive to provide all the information and appropriate amount of time you need to discover the right feline for you to adopt.Our sole goal is to make sure the feline you choose is happy and successful in your home. 

We have the best because they are loved!

Dani --DOB is 9/15/2019


"My name is Dani and I'd love to live with you! I am about 4 months old and have been living with foster parents for most of my life. 

The main reason why I haven't found a long term home is because I'm a special needs kitten. I have some mild issues in my brain, which cause me to tilt my head to the side and walk in circles occasionally. I can walk around really well, but I have to walk in a few circles first sometimes. I'm actually named after the NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick, because of the circles I make. I do really well in a house and can use a litter box just fine, but I have to live strictly indoors because of my brain issues. 

My favorite thing to do is snuggle and get chest scratches. I'd love to have a forever home for the new year, so please let FOP know if you are interested in a quirky, fluffy special needs kitten."

The Williams Family DOB is 10/5/2019


All are loving and playful.

Sherman-- DOB is 5/3/19

Sherman is a very loving and playful kitten. DOB is May 5, 2019

Sherman is very affectionate and playful. He will be a great couch-potato.

Sharrod--DOB is 5/3/19


Sharrod is like Sherman in personality.

He is activie and affectionate.

Sharon--DOB is 5/3/19


Sharon is beautiful and easy-going.

Wilma DOB is 10/5/2019


No better kitten exists than Wilma

Jules -- DOB is 6/17/2019


Jules will be shy at first. He is a handsome, easy-going blue point.

Julie - DOB is 6/17/2019


Julie is a very affectionate, active kitten.

Mitzi DOB is 11/1/2019


Torti's are the best!

Simone = DOB is 5/20/19


Simone is very active. She has notched-ears.

Simmy = DOB is 5/20/19


She is very handsome with her dark tabby colors and white tips. Simmy will probably take-over the household. Her ear-tips are notched.

Sindy = DOB is 5/20/19


Sindy will be a little shy at first. She is very handsome with her dark colors with tabby markings on legs, plus white. Her ear-tips are notched.

Julia - DOB is 6/17/2019


Julia is a beautiful tabby with a bit of torti in coloration. She is very playful and loving.

Juliette = DOB is 6/17/2019


Juliette is a handsome and playful dilute calico.

Penrod DOB is 7/23/2010


Penrod, like his 3 siblings, is diminutive in size. He is active and loving.

Penn -- DOB is 7/23/2019


He will be shy at first. Small in size. Sweet male.

Mitch DOB i is 11/1/2019


Mitch wants to be a lap-kitten but he will be shy at first.

Kara DOB is 8/12/19


Kara and active and loving--would be happiest if has access to the out-of-doors.