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Here's the FOP FAQ.

Friends of Pets (FPKB or FOP) is the only no-kill, free-roaming, non-governmental rescue organization helping abandoned, adoptable cats in Klamath County. This means cats are not put down because of treatable illnesses or to create space to take in more. It also means cats are able to run around and play with other cats on special equipment in the facility. They are not caged unless being observed upon entry, treated for illness or readied for adoption. Unfortunately, some felines are euthanized based on problems relating to antisocial behaviors, life-threatening, non-treatable illnesses, and to end suffering (please see page on Euthanasia Policies).

FPKB has only one employee. Nearly all the work is completed by a small group of dedicated volunteers. Our financial support comes solely from generous donations of individuals. One of our goals is to keep cats out of shelters and we work with the public to provide veterinary care, when needed, if the rescuer can provide a home for the stray. In 2018, FPKB accepted 87 cats or kittens into our program and spay/neutered 1,197.

In contrast, the other shelter in our community, Klamath Humane Society, receives County money because the organization works for Dog Control, earning several thousand dollars per year. According to available data, the Klamath Humane Society euthansizes many cats. In 2014, this organization reported adopting only 380 cats and euthanizing nearly 1,000 cats. We believe many more cats are silently euthanized, and not reported. Current data is not publicly available. The KHS does not fund a spay/neuter program for cats. In 2017, KHS received nearly $800,000 in donations, spending over $200,000 in payroll and over $26,000 in utilities. Only 6% of their revenue was spent on veterinary care  ($43,784).

FOP subsidizes the cost of spays and neuters for cats in care of Klamath Basin residents. Currently FOP offers a coupon for $15.00 to most owners to spay or neuter (Mandated Policies in Effect) and all the work is completed at Klamath Animal Clinic. We also host a once-monthly Free Spay/Neuter Day for tames, ferals, semi-tames and backyard felines. These felines have both ears notched and must be released back to the same location. These extremely low costs are made possible by donations from community members and generous support by Klamath Animal Clinic for the service.

Do you know?

1. FOP has been in existence since 2001 and is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the Internal Revenue Service.

2. FOP has spayed or neutered nearly 22,000 cats since formation.

3. Although FOP strives to keep cats out of all shelters, including our own, hundreds of felines have entered our rescue program since 2001. FOP tries to save every one, but acknowledges the death rate for abandoned felines is greater due to stress, disease, and poor health upon entry.

4. FOP has humane traps to loan to you to capture a semi-tame feline to be altered and returned to the same site.

5. Appointments are not required. For more information about FOP or adoption policies, please visit other pages of our website or telephone 541-0850-0750 during hours we are open.

6. FOP welcomes donations of funds to help with the cost of spays and neuters, food, litter, and medical care.