We have the very best of feline friends!


Cats 7 months to 7 years


Calling in advance is very helpful!.

The nature of our unique shelter causes us to develop special policies. We also require a $20.00 donation prior to meeting our cats, whether to consider adopting or simply visiting. Should you choose to adopt, your $20.00 will be deducted from the adoption fee. Should you choose to not adopt, we thank you for your donation which will be used to support our programs.Please understand we strive to provide all the information and appropriate amount of time you need to discover the right feline for you to adopt. Our sole goal is to make sure the feline you choose is happy and successful in your home.

Please view photos of our felines on our website, and telephone to talk about our available cats and learn our policies. Please allow us to answer questions. Thank you for understanding!

Adoption Fees and FeLV/FIV tested negative

Our adoption fee for felines one year or older is $60.00.  All are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed. Plus, they are tested for FeLV/FIV prior to being available for adoption.  Microchips are available at a cost of $10.00 per chip.

We have wonderful, loving cats available for adoption!

Queenie DOB is Oct 2018


Queenie has gorgeous green eyes and is very loving. She needs to be the only feline in the family.

Robert = DOB is 3/1/19


Robert is a healthy black male who is sweet in disposition. He may be shy at first.

Cassie DOB is Oct. 2019


Cassie is about one year old and would do best if she is the only feline in the family. She would love to have access to the out-of-doors.

Zee-- Adopted


Zee is a strikingy beautiful short-hair tortoiseshell. She prefers a life without a dog. Zee is easy-going



Addie is about 6 years old and is a beautiful and quiet feline.

Moony --DOB is 4/1/18


Moony will be shy at first, but once past that, he will be a wonderful, handsome feline for a quiet family.

More handsome cats!

Pat -DOB is 11/5/16


Pat is a gorgeous female that is easy going and friendly.

Farah - Adopted


Farah is a beautiful Ssiamese-mix (Lynx) who is very active and loving. She would prefer to be the only cat in the family

Chelsea-- DOB is 11/1/17


Chelsea is shy at first but we have seen her play and run around our shelter! She is a sweet feline and one of our rescues.

Jackie--DOB is 6/1/18


Jackie has a gorgeous coat and will be a good friend to a quiet family. 

Nessie -- DOB is 1/14/2019


Nessie is active and loving. 

Johnny-- DOB is 7/20/18


Johnny is a great young cat. He was rescued from a deserted porch.

Even more!

Hessie - Adopted


Hessie may be Nessie's sister. She is loving but definitely would do best if the only feline in the family.

Sargo --Adopted


Sargo has a strikingly handsome face with a shimmering grey in his color. Nice cat.

Mic-- DOB is 6/15/18


If a handsome black male is your preference, then Mic is for you. He is a rescue from Sprague River area.

Charlie -- DOB is 10/8/2015


Charlie and her sister have been with us since small kittens. She is beautiful and easy-going, but prefers a quiet home.

Butterfly-- Adopted


Butterfly sits on her hind quarters and lifts her front paws as if she is praying. She used to sit on a fence and reach for passing butterflies, which is how it got started. Nice small cat

Jennice - Adopted


Jennice is active and loving and wants to be inside-outside member of the family. She would do best being the only cat. 

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Laurie-- DOB is 7/15/17


Laurie is quiet but just waiting for a chance to have a home of her own.

Michner --DOB is 7/23/16


If you prefer a fluffy male who is quiet, it will be Michner!

Turtle - DOB is 11/27/2016


Turtle has a short tail and is polydactyle on her front feet. She is quiet and would like a quiet home.

TowerAnne --DOB is 7/1/17


Great cat, but you have to reach out to her to be her freind.

Stephens --DOB is 7/28/13


Stephens is an easy going male who came to us after his owner was placed in a memory-care facility. He has "pillow foot."

Elliott is a senior