Adopt a Senior!

Felines 8 years of age and older.

Our adoption fee for a senior feline is $60.00. We appreciate individuals willing to love a senior cat!  

Please visit our page on Policies and Procedures.

Lovely Senior Felines in our Program

Trailer Park Joe --DOB 6/1/09


Joe wants to be a lap cat and the only feline in the family to share a lap with someone.

Granny-- Adopted!


She is just a nice, quiet senior. Her owner died.

Grandma -- DOB is 2009


Grandma came from the same family setting as Granny. She now wants to be the only feline in the family.

Tommy ---DOB is 20011


Tommy has been visually impaired since a kitten. But he still has vision and can be found chasing a fake-mouse.

Elliott --DOB is 2010


He is a great cat who is quiet but still playful. He recently had all of his teeth extracted due to severe inflammation and gingivitis. He eats hard food and feels much better with them gone.

Olga --DOB is 2017


Olga will likely live out her life with us. Her caregiver was admitted to memory-care facility and her relatives paid for Olga's entry to our program.