How We Think!

Our goal is to help you help cats.
It's our mission .

We continuously talk with people regarding the welfare of unwanted felines and work to provide solutions to save or make their lives better.

We do this because, from experience, we know felines do poorly in shelters, including our own. It is our challenge to keep felines out of shelters and in homes, pressing owners to be responsible fortheir cats for their life times.

We also know that as the numbers of kittens are born, so do the numbers of the "unwanted." it is an often repeated story, with neglect and suffering as the results.

Please contact us if you are willing to help felines in need. We can make the path to do so easier for you. We serve to help you help felines. It is our best answer. Please take action now. Thank you.

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Located in Klamath Falls, Oregon

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