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About Snow

My name is Snow. On March 4th, I was found with my left eye ruptured and a broken jaw. I was a loving kitten in Dorris, OR., that had been injured by something still unknonw. Upon seeing my serious injuries, my rescuers took me to Friends of Pets for care. The veterinarian kindly removed by left eye, but my jaw was broken in two places, preventing normal applications to be applied to heal. I needed time.

I feel much better now and am on the mend. However, I need help with my veterinary costs of $800.00. I am a loving, sweet kitten who must ask for you help.

Thank you. Snow.

About Smitty---Still waiting for a home. He is now over 2 yrs. old.

My name is Smitty and I am now over 2 years old. As you can see in my photo I needed a fundraiser for eye surgery on April 14, 2014. My right eye was definitely blind, but there was hope for my left. I needed time to get strong first.

I had horrible eye infections when a baby kitten, but no one took me to a veterinarian for care. Two weeks ago I was left on a porch, and because I could not see. I just sat and waited for someone to help me.

My rescuer took me to Friends of Pets, my best hope. The veterinarian did not know if I have sight in my left eye until after surgery. My nictitating membrane was attached to my eye and needs surgery to try to release it. Hopefully there was no damage to my eye beneath it. Kathy believes I have a good chance because she notices I can see shapes, play with large toys, and jump up on the sofa.

For those who helped with my fundraiser, thank you!.


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