Adoption Program Strengths

We adopt our kittens for $70.00 and adults for $60.00. Each has been tested negative for FeLV/FIV at a veterinary clinic, spayed/neutered, de-wormed, vaccinated and loved.

When you adopt a kitten or adult from FPKB you are obtaining one that has valid records to prove its history of health care and behavior. Should the feline become ill within 3 weeks after adoption due to transition stress, we will normally intervene with solutions. These important factors are simply not the case when adopting from the humane society and, commonly, no records are available to support verbal claims of health care.

When adopting from us you will find that we are exceptionally thorough and every important item is documented. We are committed to our cats.

1. A veterinary clinic has tested our felines to be negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV viruses! We find this test to be crucial in giving assurance to the adoptive family that the cat has been cleared, to the best of our ability, to prevent future deaths by either of these deadly viruses. All of Friends of Pets FeLV/FIV testing is done by a veterinary clinic. We receive a special rate in purchasing the FeLV/FIV tests because we are a charity. Our cost for each test is $20.00, and is included in the adoption fee. We want to give assurance that the test results are valid with no chance for error on our behalf. We prefer to test the mother when a litter of kittens is in our program. We normally sample one kitten from a litter if the mother is not available.

The Klamath Humane Society adopts their cats, commonly, for $35 or less. Based on this low cost, it is our assumption the shelter is not paying for FeLv/FIV testing for cats up for adoption. In the past, they have claimed to do their own FeLv/FIV testing but, to our knowledge, cannot prove the work was done. You must take their word the feline tested negative. From my shelter experience, drawing the blood for the FeLv/FIV tests can be difficult or impossible due to the noise, stress factors, and fractious cats. Shelters commonly do not have adequate lighting are not staff with trained people. For test results to be valid, the tests and the blood must be properly handled. These are the reasons why our FeLV/FIV tests are done by a veterinary clinic in the proper setting.


2. Spay/Neuter surgeries are performed only when the feline is healthy! Our felines are spayed or neutered only when in sufficient good health to perform well during surgery.

Since our felines are "rescues," normally at least six to eight weeks are required for each to gain good health. For this reason, nearly all of our kittens are at least 3 months of age before availability for adoption.

3. All of our felines are vaccinated against distemper/upper respiratory virus (FeloCell4)! We vaccinate our felines when 7 weeks of age and older. Our preference is to adopt a kitten only when it has received a minimum of two vaccines, giving the owner assurance that the feline is on its way to good health and less prone to sickness from distemper. Exceptions can be made to the two-vaccine minimum, but only after full disclosure of risks and potential problems have been made to the adoptive family with follow up plans on how to provide care. To our knowlege, The Klamath Humane Society makes claims to vaccinate their cats, but does not provide documentation showing proof. We advise not adopt without proof and dates


4. All of our felines have been wormed/treated for parasites! We use strongid to treat roundworms and drontal to treat tapeworms. Ivomectin and Tresaderm are commonly used to treat ear mites. To our knowledge, the Klamath Humane Society does not treat for parasites.

5. We socialize our cats to be loving and good companions! Our style of operation is to keep cats out of cages! Confining cats to cages is stressful for the felines and inhibits their social nature, which is normally strong for people and other cats. Many of our cats came to us shy and withdrawn. You would never know that some of the begging you now for attention were the shy ones in the beginning. Keeping cats out of cages keeps them healthier!


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