Talking About Our Beautiful Shelter

Our 4,000 square foot shelter in Klamath Falls, Oregon

The Friends of Pets of Klamath Basin organized on January 17, 2001, and came from a desperate need to address issues surrounding domesticated pets. We began working with cats and dogs through fostering and spay/neuter programs, but quickly realized the greatest demand was facing problems related to cats. It seemed 99.9% of telephone calls received from the community focused on cats. As a result, cats became our speciality simply because the species had the greatest need for help.

Investing our monies into cats has been our priority, rather than the high cost of constructing our own shelter. But we soon had to make decisions on how accomodate our growing need for a physical location and away from fostering. We decided to rent a building beginning March 2002, continuing until December 2007, at which time the owner gave notice of an increase of rent which we felt was beyond our affordability. Since Friends of Pets was going to stay in our community, it became time to invest into our own shelter.

Meeting the health care needs of our cats has and always will be our first priority. To overcome the cost of shelter construction and preserve money for our cats, two individuals generously donated $220,000.00 to enable the construction of the building. Other donations to pay for interior finishings, etc., have been given. We obtained a low-interest loan for the cost of paving, purchase of the land, and installation of septic connection, which approximated $75,000.00.

The seven years devoted to working with cats prior to construction of our shelter enabled us to have solid ideas on how the building should be developed. We did the floor design ourselves. Our building is 'cat proofed' you can say, as well as blessed with many windows to encourage visual stimulation. The method of heating is radiant from the concrete slab, which is painted a sea blue. No dark, grey rooms for us!

In 2013, two donors generously gave Friends of Pets $35,000.00 for the purpose of adding a surgery room to give free spay/neuters to semi-tame, backyard and feral cats. The staff at Klamath Animal Clinic provides the veterinary skills for our once-monthly Spay Days. The clinic also continues spay/neuters through our program at their clinic. In 2015, over 1,200 cats were spay/neutered through this joint effort.

Also, in 2013, one donor generously gave Friends of Pets the gift of a rental duplex, which we sold and paid off our loan mentioned above. The net proceeds from the sale also provided additional unds to support our once monthly, in-house Spay Day.

Despite the problems and cost in completing our shelter, Friends of Pets has continued to give highest priority to health care, food, medicines, and love for our cats. We are the only no-kill shelter in our community. We strive every day to help the public understand the delimmas faced by felines in our commmunity. Our purpose is to be there for cats, and that will not change. In addition, they now have a place of their very own.

Please send your kind donations to:
Friends of Pets
4809 Altamont Drive
Klamath Falls, OR 97603


Adoption Center Hours: Monday-Friday - 9:30am to 3:00pm (Closed Saturday & Sunday)

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