Do you know how very affordable spay/neuter is at some clinics?!

Please know that Klamath Animal Clinic (882-8854) will neuter a male cat for $27.00 and spay a female for $39.00.This is the clinic's standard charge. Females in heat or pregnant will normally have increased costs due to longer surgery time. Other veterinary clinics may also have low costs to help you with spay/neuter.

Often, people will ask FOP for financial help without knowing the low cost at clinics. We urge you to first check with veterinary clinics.

Because our funds are limited, Friends of Pets must make choices who benefit from our spay/neuter program. You can help the cause by paying for your feline's surgery when possible. The cost to spay or neuter cats at some clinics is very affordable, only $27.00 to neuter a male, and $39.00 or $48.00 to spay a female. We urge spay/neuter when 4 months old to avoid additional costs and behavoral problems.

Our recently added surgery room is our way to help our community get on the right track regarding welfare of cats. The room is dedicated to aid the most desperate. Our sole purpose is to end the suffering and cruel deaths that happen to the unwanted.

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