Required Policies and Procedures

Only $15 to Spay or Neuter Tame and Feral Felines

Note: Friends of Pets and Klamath Animal Clinic reserve the right to decline or cancel spay/neuter services to anyone, without notice, and have no obligation to provide a reason.

A. Those who do not qualify for our program:

1. Individuals who are members, employees, volunteers, or associates with any humane society are disqualified from this program. These groups have sufficient funding to support their own programs. For instance, the Klamath Humane Society took in $424,545 and $473,558 in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

2. If you live in Lakeview or Alturas you are disqualified because local veterinarians can provide spay/neuter services.

3. Individuals who breed cats, regardless as a hobby or professionally, are disqualified from our program. None of the offspring can utilize our program.

4. If you have a negative attitude or tend to be critical of our program, you do not qualify. Please find other resources for spay/neuter.

B. Policies:

1. Please respect our time. We are very busy caring for nearly 60 cats and need to use our time efficiently. Please be prepared to briefly discuss the number of felines under your care, your financial considerations, and provide your name and phone number for the certificate. We want to give you proper information, answer your questions, and return to our work.

2. You must respect Klamath Animal Clinic time, staff, and business setting. This very low-cost spay/neuter comes to you only from the generosity of the veterinary staff. Do not forget this! When you interface with the clinic staff, whether by phone or in person, we require you be polite, to-the-point, helpful, and on time. Do not ask for exceptions to any policy. The veterinary staff will give directions so you will know what to do. If you are unsure or unclear, take a moment and ask your question. This will make it easier on everyone, including the cat. The staff will give you proper information so they can return to their work.

3. Everyone is contributing from pure generosity to help your cat. Not one of us is making money; rather, people have made significant financial sacrifices to help your cat today. Your feline will receive the same standard of care during surgery as every other patient.

4. We ask you to please pay as much as you can afford for each certificate. We have limited funds and want to stretch them to help as many cats as possible. If you can pay more than $15, please offer to do so. If will greatly help us do more. The more cats we help, the better for all.

5. If you are the one obtaining the certificates, please be the one to present the feline to the clinic on surgery morning, as well as pick up post-surgically. The greatest misunderstandings and mistakes occur when someone else does these tasks.

6. History speaks when I must say there always seems to be someone in the group who will ruin the program for everyone else. Therefore, please know if you purchase a certificate and you or your agent fail to comply with all of the above, the certificate will be voided and no further services with be provided. We will advise you to locate another veterinary clinic and complete the work at your cost.

7. If you mislead us and deny your affilication with any humane society organization, Friends of Pets will give notice and cancel the scheduled surgery, as long as the surgery is not underway. Any actual or implied affiliation will be sufficient grounds for cancellation by Friends of Pets.

C. Procedures

1. After receiving your certificate(s), telephone Klamath Animal Clinic (882-8854) and request to schedule an appointment. State you have an FOP green or yellow (notched ears) certificate(s). You will be required to have the feline at the clinic between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. on the day of surgery, with pickup the same day, at a time designated by staff. No food for the feline after 9:00 p.m. the night before surgery.

2. The clinic will schedule your cat's surgery on a day the staff has available time to perform the work.

3. The feline must arrive at the clinic in a plastic pet carrier or humane trap, as required in support documents. FOP has traps to loan to you.

4. Please note the expiration date on each certificate. The certificate will not be redeemable at the veterinary clinic after that date and no refunds will be given for expired certificates.

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